KCCA Directors

Board Directors

The KCCA is very proud to have the following members as our Directors and we hope that we can work together to make the KCCA the strongest representative of the Korean Canadian community. Our Directors make many sacrifices attending meetings as volunteers and working on committees to make the community better.  The Directors at the KCCA often take a leading role in helping the KCCA pursue a future which will create a brighter community.

Please see the attached document for a list of the KCCA Directors.​

Kong Jang Hun, Kim Chong Hwan, Kim Juoak, Kim HyoSun, Lee Kyong Ja, Lee U-hun, Lee Jae Shin, Chong Jae, Choi Joanne Soon Shil, Han Jimmy C, Ham Wha Sin, Hwang David Jun Hee (13 Members)

- 1 Year Group

Bang Yun Joon, Shin Jacob Hyo Pum, Lee Ki Seok, Jae Yun Lim, Huh Kyong, Im Sophia,  Kim In Seok, Kim Rokbong, Lee 

Young Sil, Dion Sunga, Yoo Eung Chan, Yum Kris K., Will Cho (13 Members)

- 2 Year Group

Total - 34 Directors

 Kim Soo-Young, Seo Young-Seok, Choi Yoojin, Choi JongDae, Hong Gregory, Rae Sun Jung, Seung Nam Choi, Sang Mok Nam, Se Young Kim (9 Members) 

- 3 Year Group

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